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Have you suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence in Bristol, Tennessee? You may have the right to financial recovery for medical expenses, lost income, pain, suffering, and more. Turn to a Bristol personal injury lawyer at the law firm of Arrington Schelin for help pursuing the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

Since 1978, our firm has advocated aggressively on behalf of injured people in Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee. We have the experience and resources of a large law firm but pride ourselves on the personalized attention we offer each of our clients. If you’ve been injured and someone else is to blame, we can help you hold them to account and demand they compensate you for the harm you’ve suffered.

Reach out to Arrington Schelin for a free initial case review with a personal injury lawyer in Bristol, TN. We look forward to hearing your story and finding out how we can help.

Why You Need Our Bristol Personal Injury Lawyers

You deserve to spend your time and energy on your recovery after being injured in an accident in Bristol, Tennessee. However, pursuing financial compensation from liable parties can become a complex process. Let the Bristol personal injury lawyers of Arrington Schelin handle all the details of pursuing your legal claims.

Why turn to us for help? Because:

  • Our firm has over 40 years of legal experience advocating for the interests of accident victims.
  • We focus on personal injury cases, which has helped us develop a thorough understanding of the insurance industry.
  • Our attorneys can help you obtain medical care and the financial resources to pay for your treatment and rehabilitation.
  • We have a reputation for providing compassionate, personalized client service.

If you choose us to help with your personal injury claim, you can expect us to fight for every penny you are owed.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle in Bristol, TN

At Arrington Schelin, we represent clients with claims involving all kinds of incidents, such as:

  • Car accidents, including head-on collisions, rear-end collisions, sideswipe accidents, left-turn accidents, rollover accidents, multi-vehicle crashes, uninsured motorist accidents, and hit-and-run crashes
  • Truck accidents, including underride accidents and blind spot accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents, including single-vehicle accidents and collisions between motorcycles and other motor vehicles
  • Pedestrian accidents, including intersection accidents, crosswalk accidents, and driveway accidents
  • RV accidents
  • Boating accidents, including accidents with jet skis and other personal watercraft
  • Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions, contusions, hematomas, brain hemorrhage, and diffuse axonal injuries
  • Child injuries, including school accidents, daycare abuse or neglect, and playground accidents
  • Burn injuries, including thermal burns, chemical burns, electrical burns, and radiation burns
  • Dog bites and other domestic animal attacks
  • Slip and fall accidents caused by hazards on other people’s property
  • Construction accidents, including falls, falling objects, heavy machinery accidents, scaffolding accidents, building or trench collapses, fires, and explosions
  • Spinal injuries and paralysis
  • Defective products, including design defect claims and manufacturing defect claims

We also help families pursue wrongful death claims when they have lost a loved one because of another party’s actions.

Damages You Could Recover in a Personal Injury Claim

A successful personal injury claim can provide you with compensation for losses like:

  • Medical and rehabilitation costs to treat your injuries
  • Long-term care expenses if you suffer lasting or permanent disabilities
  • Loss of wages and future earnings if you cannot work due to injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced quality of life due to disabilities, visible scarring, and disfigurement
  • Reduced life expectancy

How Long Do You Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Bristol, TN?

Tennessee’s statute of limitations typically gives you only one year after being injured due to someone else’s negligence to file a lawsuit. Filing suit against a liable party after the statute of limitations expires means your case likely will be permanently dismissed.

While certain circumstances can extend the deadline, you should speak to our Bristol, TN, personal injury attorneys soon after an accident to ensure you timely file your claims. The person who hurt you should not escape responsibility because of an avoidable error.

How Long Does a Bristol Personal Injury Case Take?

Every personal injury case will have a unique timeline. Some cases take only a few months to settle, while others can take years to reach trial. Important stages in a personal injury claim may include:

  • Hiring a personal injury lawyer
  • Investigating the accident to recover evidence
  • Working with expert witnesses to develop persuasive arguments in support of your claim
  • Documenting your injuries and expenses to determine what compensation you may be entitled to
  • Filing insurance claims and demand letters with at-fault parties and insurers to put them on notice of your compensation claim
  • Negotiating to try to reach a settlement
  • Filing a personal injury lawsuit
  • Going through discovery, the process in which parties exchange evidence and depose witnesses to narrow issues in dispute for trial
  • Taking the case to trial, where the parties present their cases to a jury or a judge who issues a verdict

Steps to Take to Protect Your Rights Following an Accident

You can protect your legal rights after being injured in an accident by remembering to take the following steps:

  • Seek prompt medical attention to treat your injuries.
  • Document the accident scene by taking photos and videos.
  • Follow your doctor’s treatment plan.
  • Keep copies of your bills and invoices.
  • Gather your income statements if you cannot work because of your injuries.
  • Avoid discussing the accident or your injuries on social media.
  • Contact our Bristol personal injury lawyers to start pursuing your legal claim.

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