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rv accident

Recreational vehicles such as motor homes, campers, and four-wheelers are common. The driver may be inexperienced, tired, or distracted. The vehicle may be overloaded or improperly balanced.

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When a negligent driver causes injury to another person, a personal injury claim arises.

The injured person may be entitled to be compensated for:

  • Medical Costs;
  • Pain and Suffering; and,
  • Loss of Income.

It is important to contact an attorney early as these cases require investigation and preparation to obtain adequate compensation.

Issues Unique to RV Cases

  • Proper driver training;
  • Proper loading;
  • Proper vehicle inspection; and,
  • Proper insurance required.

It is important to contact an attorney early and to contact one experienced in such cases. At Arrington Schelin, you will find an attorney and staff to ensure that you receive just – full and perfect compensation for your injuries.

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